Security Application of Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera

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From analog surveillance to digital surveillance, from standard definition to high-definition, from visible light to infrared, video surveillance has undergone tremendous development and changes. In particular, the application of infrared thermal imaging technology in the field of video surveillance has expanded the scope of surveillance applications, providing cameras at night Created a pair of "perspective eyes" in the harsh environment, which plays a vital role in the development process of the entire security industry.

Why use thermal imaging cameras for smart security applications?

At night and in severe weather conditions, infrared thermal imaging monitoring equipment can be used to monitor various targets, such as personnel and vehicles. Visible light equipment can no longer work normally at night, and the observation distance is greatly shortened. If artificial lighting is used, it is easy to expose the target. If low-light night vision equipment is used, it also works in the visible light band and still needs external light illumination. It is acceptable to work in the city, but when working in the field, the observation distance is greatly shortened. The infrared thermal imaging camera passively accepts the infrared heat radiation of the target itself, regardless of climatic conditions, and can work normally regardless of day and night, and at the same time, it can avoid exposing itself.

Especially under severe weather conditions such as rain and fog, because the wavelength of visible light is short, the ability to overcome obstacles is poor, so the observation effect is poor, or even can not work, but the wavelength of infrared is longer, and the ability to overcome rain, snow and fog is high. , So the target can still be observed normally at a longer distance. Therefore, the infrared thermal imaging camera is a very effective device in the field of smart security.

The specific application of infrared thermal imaging camera in the field of intelligent security

1. Fire protection monitoring

Since the infrared thermal imaging camera is a device that reflects the surface temperature of an object, it can be used as an on-site monitoring device at night, and can also be used as an effective fire alarm device. In a large area of ​​forest, fires are often caused by unobvious hidden fires. of. This is the root cause of devastating fires, and it is difficult to find signs of such hidden fires with existing ordinary methods. The application of thermal imaging cameras can quickly and effectively find these hidden fires, and can accurately determine the location and scope of the fire, and find the fire point through the smoke, so as to know, prevent and extinguish it early.

2. Recognition of camouflage and concealed targets

Ordinary camouflage is based on anti-visible light observation. Generally, criminals commit crimes are usually hidden in grass and woods. At this time, if the observation method of visible light is adopted, due to the harsh outdoor environment and human visual illusion, it is easy to make wrong judgments. The infrared thermal imaging device passively receives the thermal radiation of the target itself. The temperature and infrared radiation of the human body and the vehicle are generally much greater than the temperature and infrared radiation of the vegetation, so it is not easy to camouflage, and it is not easy to make wrong judgments. In addition, ordinary personnel do not know how to avoid infrared surveillance. Therefore, the infrared thermal imaging device is effective in identifying camouflage and concealed targets.

3. Road monitoring at night and under severe weather conditions

Because infrared thermal imaging systems have many advantages in observing and identifying targets, they have been widely used in many developed countries such as highways, railways, night security patrols, and night city traffic control.

4. Security and fire protection monitoring of key departments, buildings and warehouses

Since the infrared thermal imaging device is a device that reflects the temperature of an object, it can be used for on-site monitoring of key departments, buildings, warehouses, and communities at night, and because this kind of equipment is an imaging device, it works reliably and can greatly reduce virtual reality. Police rate.

People hiding in the bushes, road traffic observation, suspects hiding in the dark

5. On-land and port traffic safety guarantee

In our country, with the expansion of urban traffic and the extension of roads, railways and waterways, traffic safety has become a huge problem, especially safe driving at night or in a harsh environment with fog and rain. Nowadays, cars or ships equipped with thermal imaging cameras can avoid traffic accidents at night or in harsh environments.

The thermal imaging camera has a hidden detection function. Because there is no need for light, it saves you the cost of making visible light. Intruders can't even know that they are being monitored. Moreover, it can continuously work through harsh conditions such as dense smoke, dense fog, rain, and smoke, with a visible distance of several kilometers, which is very suitable for border patrol, violent defense, night reconnaissance, industrial intelligent security, equipment intelligent security, terminal and port intelligent security, and commercial Intelligent security and other fields. In some very important units, such as: airport security monitoring, civil aviation facilities, important administrative centers, bank vaults, confidential rooms, military sites, prisons, cultural relics, guns and ammunition warehouses, dangerous goods warehouses and other important places, In order to prevent theft, monitoring measures must be taken. However, in these places, due to fire protection, explosion protection, corrosion of cultural relics from light, or other reasons, lighting is not allowed, and night vision equipment must be considered, so it is especially suitable for infrared thermal imaging cameras, which can be in operation for 24 hours.

Post time: Nov-24-2021